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We are pleased to announce the publication of the first volumes our centennial series. This three-book collection contains original essays on the cultural history of Russia from the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 to the establishment of the Soviet Union in 1922. The volumes explore the relationship between the crises of that period and the multifaceted dimensions of culture. The result is a diverse and stimulating array of essays on subjects that range from the experience of cultural institutions and the arts, to aspects of identity and the production of meaning in popular culture. Many of the topics covered in the three books have rarely, if ever, been explored across the 1914–22 period as a whole. Through close analysis of the institutional and symbolic contexts of Russian cultural life, and incorporating substantial new research, the chapters in the books collectively advance our understanding of Russia’s experience of the First World War, its relationship to the early Soviet period, and the complex memory of war and revolution. An additional important theme addressed by the collections is the extent to which the 1917 revolutions were a turning point in Russian culture. The findings of Russian Culture in War and Revolution demonstrate that cultural life was not only tightly intertwined with its social and political contexts, but that the wider history of Russia’s Great War and Revolution cannot be fully comprehended without due attention to culture in its broadest sense.

Comments on the Origins, Aims, and Development of the Project


Russian Culture in War and Revolution, 1914-22
Book 1: Popular Culture, the Arts, and Institutions

Murray Frame, Boris Kolonitskii, Steven G. Marks and Melissa K. Stockdale, Eds.
ISBN: 978-0-89357-424-6

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Popular Culture
  • Mass Culture and the Culture of the Masses in Russia, 1914–22 (Vladimir P. Buldakov)
  • Worker Culture(s) during War and Revolution, 1914–20 (Page Herrlinger)
  • Fade to Black: The Russian Commercial Film Industry during War and Revolution (Denise J. Youngblood)
  • Hypnosis in Russian Popular Culture during the Era of War and Revolution (Julia Mannherz)
The Arts
  • The Feast in the Time of Plague: The Russian Art World, Easel Painting, and the Experience of War and Revolution, 1914–22 (Aaron J. Cohen)
  • Press Photography in Russia’s Great War and Revolution (Christopher Stolarski)
  • Russian Architecture and the Cataclysm of the First World War (William C. Brumfield)
  • Center and Periphery in Russian Jewish Culture during the Crisis of 1914–22 (Anke Hilbrenner)
  • In Search of the Truth about the Great War: The Theme of War in the Works of Five Russian Writers (Ben Hellman)
  • Contemplating War, Caught Up in Revolution: A Survey of Russian Poetry, 1914–22 (J. Alexander Ogden)
  • Russian Theater and the Crisis of War and Revolution, 1914–22 (Murray Frame)
Institutions: Education, the Orthodox Church, and Museums
  • Higher Education in Russia during the First World War and Revolution (Anatolii E. Ivanov)
  • The Russian School System and School Students during the Wars and Revolutions of 1914–22 (Evgenii M. Balashov)
  • The Russian Orthodox Church during the First World War and Revolutionary Turmoil, 1914–21 (Pavel G. Rogoznyi)
  • The Church’s Revolutionary Moment: Diocesan Congresses and Grassroots Politics in 1917 (Catherine Evtuhov)
  • Cultural Heritage and “the People’s Property”: Museums in Russia, 1914–21 (Susan Smith)


Russian Culture in War and Revolution, 1914-22
Book 2: Political Culture

Murray Frame, Boris Kolonitskii, Steven G. Marks and Melissa K. Stockdale, eds.
ISBN: 978-0-89357-423-9

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Political Culture

  • Mobilizing the Nation: Patriotic Culture in Russia’s Great War and Revolution, 1914–20 (Melissa K. Stockdale)
  • Russian Leaders of the Great War and Revolutionary Era in Representations and Rumors (Boris Kolonitskii)
  • Circulation and Production of News and Rumor in Rural Russia during World War I (Corinne Gaudin)
  • The Symbol of “Mother Russia” Across Two Epochs: From the First World War to the Civil War (Oleg V. Riabov)
  • Mass Urban Festivals in the Era of War and Revolution, 1914–22 (Svetlana Malysheva)
  • The Russian Experience of Money, 1914–24 (Steven G. Marks)
Identities and Mentalities
  • Love and Death: Transforming Sexualities in Russia, 1914–22 (Dan Healey)
  • Fashion in Russia’s War and Revolution (Christine Ruane)
  • Thinking the Nation through Times of Trial: Russian Philosophy in War and Revolution (Christopher A. Stroop)
  • Music and Russian Identity in War and Revolution, 1914–22 (Rebecca Mitchell)
  • Psychiatric Diagnosis as Political Critique: Russia in War and Revolution (Martin A. Miller)
Myths and Memory
  • The Great War and the Civil War in Russian Memory (Karen Petrone)
  • The Great War in Soviet Interwar Films: How to Forget (or Not) (Alexandre Sumpf)
  • Russian Monuments to the First World War: Where Are They? Why Are They? (Aaron J. Cohen)
  • Twentieth-Century Apocalypse” or a “Grimace of Pain”? The Vanishing Traces of October (Frederick C. Corney)
  • Summing Up: Culture(s) in a Time of Crisis (William G. Rosenberg)
  • The Great War and Russian Culture in Comparative Perspective (Aviel Roshwald)


The Empire and Nationalism at War

Eric Lohr, Vera Tolz, Alexander Semyonov and Mark von Hagen, eds.
ISBN: 978-0-89357-423-9

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  • Introduction: Bringing Empire Back (Ronald Grigor Suny)
  • The Entangled Eastern Front in the First World War (Mark von Hagen)
  • War of Decolonization: The Russian Empire in the Great War (Joshua Sanborn)
  • The Role of the First World War in the Competition between Ukrainian and All-Russian Nationalism (Alexei I. Miller)
  • War Nationalism (Eric Lohr)
  • Central Asia (1916–20): A Kaleidoscope of Local Revolutions and the Building of the Bolshevik Order (Marco Buttino)
  • Nationalism and War in a Contested Borderland: The Case of Russian Bessarabia (1914–17)  (Andrei Cusco)
  • Ukrainization and Its Contradictions in the Context of the Brest-Litovsk System (Borislav Chernev)
  • What Russian Progressives Expected from the War (Ilya V. Gerasimov)
  • Postwar Russian Eurasianism’s Anticolonial Critique of Eurocentrism and Modernity (Sergey Glebov)
  • Memories of the Great War and the Polish-Lithuanian Conflict in Lithuania (Tomas Balkelis)
  • Modern Russian Memory of the Great War, 1914–20 (Vera Tolz)

Forthcoming Volumes

  • Home Front Book 2
  • Far East and Japan
  • International Affairs
  • Arc of Revolution
  • Central Powers

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